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Slytherin Locker Room

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CH Slytherin Locker Room
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-=*About the Team*=-

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This community was made for the Slytherin Quidditch Team of Castle Hogwarts. They are the only ones permitted to join. How do you become a member? Do these two things:

1) Join castlehogwarts and be sorted. You can find the sorting application on the user info page. (Don't forget to use an lj cut!)

2) Wait until the end of the month for the Quidditch post. Winners of the last match will be announced, as well as any openings. If there's an opening in your house, and you want it, you sign up. You may have to go through a selection process.

How it works

Basically, each position has a certain task they have to complete. For example, in real Quidditch the Seeker's job is to catch the Snitch. In CH, the Seeker's job is to answer trivia questions. You get points for completing the task and then you get additional points if you complete it better than the other team you're playing.

Your main responsibility on the team is to get your task done. If you don't, it could cost your team a LOT of points. And you win a match by having the most points (one month = one match).

The following are responsibilities for team members:

  • Keeper: Theory and Discussion

  • Seeker: Trivia

  • Beater: Graphics

  • Chaser: Writing

  • If you have any questions, please contact the Quidditch Coach,(crunknwj), at chquidditch@gmail.com.